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What's For Dinner - A Life Changing Question

There you are, standing in the kitchen, and you are asking yourself: what shall I make for dinner. You probably ask yourself this question many times throughout your life but did you realize it may be a life-changing question? OK, so making dinner might not be a revelation but the process you use to decide what to cook is similar to the process of determining a life purpose.

In order to make dinner, you will need a plan–a recipe. You will also have to assess what you will need to put the plan into action. You should know what tools you have and what you will require. You will need to know how to use those tools as well as the stove you hope to use to cook your meal.

In order to come up with a recipe for your life, you will require some tools and a way to use them. You will also need to trust yourself to make good choices or you will wallow in indecision and you will require compassion, awareness, and patience to succeed. You will need to familiarize yourself with your equipment so yo…

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