Purpose of the Universe?

Notes from "A Purpose Derived Life"
(a work in progress)

Chapter Three begins with the question: does the universe have a purpose? To say it does means that some rational being had to infuse a purpose in its creation. Though that may indeed be a possibility it seems more likely that such a concept is a human model that has been attached to it. As humans, we see the world as a series of causes and effects. Things are created for a purpose and we have assumed for a very long time that all things have been created for us. Their purpose was to serve our needs. y assuming that the entire universe must serve a purpose puts us in its center because that purpose must be for our needs.

If we can take a step back and see that we are not the most important things in the cosmos we may be able to accept that the universe does not have a purpose. But, it does have a character.

All things have characteristics. Those characteristics come together to make it what it is. Trees have leaves and branches and roots. The character of a tree is to develop from a seed and to live and grow.

The universe does not have a pre-supposed purpose for being but it does have characteristics and a character.


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