Discovering Yourself

Notes from "A Purpose Derived Life"
(a work in progress)

Discovering Yourself
Chapter Five

One of the first steps to creating a meaningful Life Purpose is to discover who you are. We are each a collection of traits, talents, skills, values, and passions. These things combined together make up our own individual personality. Our search for meaning and purpose must be aligned with our own personality. In this chapter, I explore a variety of possibilities for each of these characteristics.

Under traits, I explore the idea that people tend to favor their mind, their body, or their hearts over the other two. People use all three, of course, but some depend more on one part than another. We all know the stereotypes of "the Geek," the Jock," and "the Socialite." These are extreme labels but each of us tends more in the direction of one over the others.

Under talents, I explore the concept of different intelligence types first explained by Howard Gardner.

Finally, I list a variety of skills, values, and passions and encourage readers to make connections.


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