The MBTI and Purpose

Notes from "A Purpose Derived Life"
(a work in progress)

The MBTI and Purpose
(Chapter Five)

I suggest using the popular Meyers-Briggs personality index as a way to help you find a Life Purpose. A personality, after all, is a combination of traits and abilities that affect your preferences in how you approach life. I believe the Meyers-Briggs system of finding 16 personality types lines up well with the concept of a flow of energy and information which is one of the basic concepts for this book. The sixteen personalities, in my view, correspond to four categories of energy input, energy application, information input, and information application. These four are influenced by how a person prefers to do each of them. Some people prefer to do some or all of these things intrinsically while others prefer outside interaction. In other words, levels of introversion and extraversion are influenced by the ways in which we choose to take in and use energy and information. These choices help to create general personality types that can be used to help you learn more about yourself. For each, I give a descriptive name and list some likely strengths, preferences, and passions that can be used to help find purpose.


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