Notes from "A Purpose Derived Life"
(a work in progress)

If God is separate from you and from nature then the answers revealed to you will also be separate. On the other hand, if you and the world around you are part or equal to the sacred then answers may be available to you by trusting yourself and by looking to others and the natural world for inspiration. For far too long, we humans have separated ourselves from our natural surroundings. We believed that our reasoning capabilities have set us far above the status of other beings bestowing upon us a special status in the world. Only recently have we come to learn the folly of that attitude. Our rationality is only one of many fascinating attributes in the panoply of evolutionary characteristics developed by living beings.

If we can accept that we a part of the great diversity and wonder of nature and not its dominator then we can look to nature to answer the question of purpose.

With this thought, I finish the draft for Chapter Two.


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