starting the next one

I am working on notes for a new book project. The concept I am toying with is a biography of Eliseo Miller. Miller is the person responsible for all of the planets in my science fiction series "The Milleran Cluster." He is the one who first discovered the cluster of planets and sent the first humans there to populate them. His actions turned him into a god-like figure for the people of the Cluster.

The biography would actually be written by another new character to the series. He wants to write the biography to dispel the image of Eliseo as a god and wants to portray as a brilliant and resourceful man but no more. There are many dangers in dispelling common myths especially when those myths empower those who use them to control others.

I am making notes and playing around with ideas using mind map software. I love mind maps! For writers it's like playing in a sandbox–you are surrounded by possibilities that you can shape and transform at will.


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