Collapse of the Superimposition

There is a principle in quantum physics that describes the state of a particle. It does not exist as a solid particle in the way we usually think of things like electrons and protons. Rather, it exists in a field of possibilities called a superimposition. (Before now I thought a superimposition was just those times when my Uncle Bobby dropped by unannounced.) Not so. Reality is a field of possibilities that collapse into observable results when we pay attention to them.

This is how I feel when I am between writing projects. There are so many possible storylines and avenues of postulation and they all swirl around in my head until I focus on one and make a commitment to pursue it against all others.

In my last post I was considering a work of fiction but today I am considering a work of non-fiction. I feel like I'm in a literary sandbox. It can be both entertaining and frustrating to be surrounded by so much potentiality. I grab a handful of sand and shape it only to destroy it and reach for more.


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