Auction - The Card Game

After publishing my book 52+ New Card Games I began turning some of the games in the book into actual card decks as separate games. The concept is that each deck must be a stand-alone game that needs no components other than the cards themselves. So far I have designed three card games. They take quite a bit of work since I have to design all the cards and the backs. The rules also have to be changed to reflect the concept. In some cases, I have changed the theme or the rules completely.est

After designing a prototype of each game I test them at home and then I send them to the Acton-Boxborough High School Gaming Club where they get a thorough run-through. One game they liked the best is called Auction: The Wheelin' Dealin' Card Game. It is based on the concept of an art auction.

I have revised the game based on the comments of the Gaming Club and have sent off for another prototype. It is the game I would like to have sold at the Unicorn Bookstore.


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